Time to Get Alarmed

Time to Get Alarmed

Landlords are now required to have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed in their rented properties, with the prospect of hefty fines for a failure to do so. Below we outline what is expected of you and provide sources of further information to ensure that you avoid fines.

From 1st October 2015 all rented properties in England are required to have installed:

(i) a smoke alarm fitted on every storey on which there is a room used as living accommodation (in whole, or in part, and including a bathroom / lavatory); and

(ii) a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in every room used as living accommodation which contains a “solid fuel burning combustion appliance”.

There is also a requirement that a “check” be carried out on each alarm at the start of new tenancies commencing after 1st October 2015

Considering the importance of compliance (both in respect of health, and fines of up to £5,000.00 for non-compliance), the government guide is located HERE.

It is also important to note that each local authority may have a separate guidance which landlords should adhere to. Landlords should therefore consult their local authority’s website and ensure they are familiar with the guidance provided.

We suggest that landlords carry out the checks, and maintain their own records of such work being carried out. It is vital that landlords ensure that their properties are alarmed as the cost of a smoke alarm is far outweighed by the potential risks and fines.