Landlord Case Study

Landlord Case Study

Next time you book an apartment using an online travel site, consider the following case study…

We were approached by a landlord with a property in East London. She had recently been advised by a neighbour that there had been no consistent occupants of her property and it seemed to be filled with groups of tourists. Upon the landlord’s investigations, she discovered that her property had been used as a business venture for most of the tenancy. Her tenants had been renting it out by the day for profit on online booking sites!

When she approached Kearns the landlord was in a difficult situation, there were no arrears and because a new tenancy had recently been entered into, the service of a Section 21 Notice would not take effect for another eight months.

Through Kearns Landlord team’s expert knowledge, we were able to gather the necessary evidence that the tenants had breached the terms of their tenancy. We immediately served the tenants a Section 8 Notice under Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 under Ground 12 in that the tenants had breached the terms of the tenancy by running a business from the property.

On the Landlord’s behalf we compiled detailed Witness Statements exhibiting tangible evidence that her property had been advertised for rent for a considerable period. We did this by exhibiting the advertisement of her property for rent on the relevant websites together with the reviews of people who had stayed there. Some of which stretched back over three years.

We took time to instruct one of our specialist landlord and tenant advocates to attend Court and presented the Defendants case resulting in the District Judge granting the landlord an Order for Possession to take effect immediately together with all the costs of bringing the claim.

At Kearns Solicitors our Landlord team have the diligence and expertise to ensure we can assist our clients in obtaining possession from problem tenants.

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