Kearns Top Tips for Landlords

Kearns Top Tips for Landlords

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a landlord or you already own properties that you let out, follow these useful tips to help you on your way.

1. Protect the deposit – avoid a penalty of up to three times the value of the deposit by ensuring it is protected by the Deposit Protection Service. For more information visit

2. Avoid the pitfall of a defective S.21 notice – ensure your dates and notice period are correct. For more information contact Kearns Solicitors on 02920 808666

3. Keep a log of requests for repairs and the work carried out – all too often we experience disrepair being raised by Tenants once a S.8 or S.21 Notice has been served. An accurate log of repairs is invaluable assistance in defending such a claim.

4. Keep an accurate schedule of payments and arrears – not only will this allow you to better track missed payments, it is the evidential basis of a claim for possession under S.8. “ fail to prepare a schedule, prepare to fail at trial.”

5. Be aware of the importance of screening checks – this applies to Letting Agents and Tenants. Always carry out checks via references, and testimonials. A quick check at the outset can avoid lengthy and costly proceedings in the long term.

For further tips advice and assistance call Kearns Solicitors on 02920 808666