End to “no fault evictions” announced in The Queen’s Speech

End to “no fault evictions” announced in The Queen’s Speech

In the Queen’s Speech to parliament on 10th May, it was confirmed that the government plans to end the “no-fault eviction” process in England, a change which will be introduced in the Renters’ Reform Bill.

The Renters’ Reform Bill, originally proposed in 2019, intends to strengthen the rights of both landlords and tenants by:

  • Abolishing “no-fault” evictions by repealing Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988,
  • Reforming Section 8 Notices by introducing “newer and stronger” grounds of possession in cases of repeated rent arrears, anti-social behaviour and where landlords wish to sell their properties,
  • Introducing a new Ombudsman for private landlords so that disputes can be resolved without going to court,
  • Introducing a national property portal to help landlords understand their obligations so that tenants can hold them to account

The Briefing Pack produced after the Queen’s speech confirmed that the government wishes to fulfil its manifesto commitments by creating a rental market that is fairer and more effective for both landlords and tenants. The government is likely to publish more information on the proposed changes in the near future.  These changes will only apply to England.

If you are considering serving a Section 21 Notice to terminate a tenancy, or have a dispute with your tenant that you wish to resolve, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Landlord and Tenant team on 02920 808666 or email [email protected].