Kearns Mediation – Experts in Effective Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a process which enables parties to resolve disputes through dialogue and negotiation, facilitated by an impartial, qualified third party – the mediator.

The approach is increasingly being encouraged by the judicial system and is being used across a wide range of areas including commercial disputes, for example those involving outstanding payments, as well as personal issues such as divorce and child access.

So, for businesses with an ongoing commercial disagreement or individuals experiencing a family issue, mediation could be the quickest, most cost effective and least stressful way to resolve it.

In addition if you are a legal firm which needs a reliable, responsive third party mediation service, Kearns can help.

Why choose Kearns Mediation?

Expert team

Our panel of specialist mediators has been strictly vetted through our selection process so you can be sure that we will provide the best mediator for your dispute

Nationwide coverage

We have mediators available across the UK, available at short notice if needed.

Straightforward booking

Our knowledgeable booking team will set up your mediation arrangements with you, ensuring that all parties’ requirements are met.

Value for money

Our fees are clearly set out so participants can fully understand the costs involved before the process starts.

To find out more, download our brochure or contact the mediation team on:
02920 808665

We are fully compliant with the EUROPEAN CODE OF CONDUCT FOR MEDIATORS